The Shack

cropped-download1.jpgWow.  I’m sitting here listening to the soundtrack in tears.  The Shack (book, 2007) was one of those amazing God-moments for me.  The 4th time it was accidentally sent to me in the mail (when I hadn’t ordered it) I finally got the hint and read it!  It was life-changing.  In that Season of my life there were SO many unanswered questions for me that were holding me back from growing in my relationship with God.  Don’t mistake what I’m saying; The Shack is a story but to get to relationship with Him I think we have to understand that while YES, He is Sovereign – He created us for relationship.  My hearts desire has ALWAYS been to know Him…. I had always felt Him but I wanted more – Not to just follow some list of rules to be religious, rigid, legalistic .. but to really, truly know Him.  The Holy Spirit just wrecked me reading that book; it just brought it in for me.  He was intentional in sending it to me and re-sending it when I shipped that bad boy back!  (I can be a lil’ dense sometimes!)

10 years later and countless lessons…. countless miracles … countless heartaches all walked out with Him right beside me, growing me and OFTEN carrying me & now this full circle moment in my journey in the form of a Movie ~ Wow, the movie (I know, I already said that) … but there is a reason THIS is the first post on my blog.  I won’t go into the details of the movie because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.  But, I will share some of my thoughts while watching it:  for those of you who know some of my story this may sound really strange…. but I sat there watching the beginning of it with ONE thought running through my mind over and over again:  I LOVE My Poppa so so much. I love Him for being so mindful of me, for showing me how much MORE He loves my people; MORE than I ever could, I love Him for always opening my eyes to really SEE them through His eyes even when it hurts and I don’t want to.  I love that He has taught me how to forgive, I love that He has taught me what TRUE Love looks like.  I love that He has shown me that nobody EVER gets to take away what He gave me, it doesn’t matter what they do to me.   When you understand how much He loves each one of us ~ you just can’t ignore the fact that it applies to every mother’s child.  He wishes that none should perish.

It’s true, Sometimes things are just plain hard to understand, life is hard to understand but I Trust Him because when you know Him, you start to understand that He really is trustworthy and there is nothing I want more than for the people I love to understand what it is to feel how much He loves us.  Go see the movie – pray before you do that HE uses it to open your eyes to His character, to re-frame what you just may find out is a wrong perception.

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  1. I cried so hard at this movie, and thought of you…Im so happy you seen it and felt it!! And more than anything KNOW God!!!!


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