Forgiveness – 18 Months In.. (3.5 Years Today)

Below is a re-share from Facebook 2 years ago.  it’s been 3.5 years today since Elijah went home – reading through it is just crazy to me how much different my perception could have been, how God has carried me through all of this (& continues to).  That He has stayed in the places in my heart where anger and bitterness could have rooted in 🥊 What the enemy meant for harm!!!! 

It’s been 18 Months TODAY since Elijah got his wings … we have survived a year & a half without him & you’ll never believe what just happened to me: I had to leave to pick up Aliyah in Darby Estates (out close to West Jeff) at Roberts & Rome Hilliard I notice the guy in front of me swerving & then he almost hit someone going left to center (exactly what happened to us but we were on a bridge). I thought maybe he was just distracted. But he happened to be going the same direction as me (Roughly 8 miles West of my house) he swerved again & terrified yet another driver who blew their horn …… by the time we got to Walker Rd it was just us & it was pretty obvious that it wasn’t safe for him to be driving.  
I called 911: they dispatched an officer & kept me on the phone asking if I could follow him CRAZY … this impaired driver went TO THE VERY STREET I was going to! I actually backed off and went around the back of the neighborhood because I didn’t want to cause problems for anyone, I thought I lost him (911 on the line the entire time) & pulled around to the house I was going to & there he was sitting there with his lights on!! He was sitting right in front of the house I was going to!!!  The police get there, he tries to take off but then the police realizes that it was him. 

 I leave with my baby girl completely relieved not expecting to hear anything else & just a little bit ago I get a phone call from the police officer that pulled him over thanking me, telling me that I probably saved lives tonight 🙏🙌 OF COURSE I cried & told the officer our story …. ON THE 18 MONTH ANNIVERSARY OF ELIJAHS DEATH.  I can’t make this stuff up.

 This Great BIG GOD of mine never stops amazing me. Aliyah & I prayed for that driver tonight & thanked God that nobody got hurt.💙💙💙💙💙

#ElijahRyanMichaelLove #FlyHighMightyWarrior #Overcomer #MyGODISAwesome

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