Here with HUGE expectation …

This last season of life has been another intense one… SO many huge changes, some incredibly painful, but none the less beautiful.  After all that we have been through It has to be a pretty BAD situation for me to NOT see the beauty in it.  Not that I’m not screaming “WHHHHHHHHYYYY God” at the heavens while parts of it are going down!!  Sorry folks still all the way human.  🙂

Anyway, so by some miracle I am on a balcony overlooking the Gulf right now and I have HUGE expectation for this trip.  I believe we are on the other side – of the latest big, bad and ugly.  How do I know?  Because I find myself driving (when I’m alone and I can think *) in wonder and awe at everything God has done, in me, in my husband, in my marriage – in my family as a whole.  So today I sit here overlooking His amazing creation thinking again of my Elijah’s words:  “Momma, the ocean reminds me of God!”  I can hear his sweet voice, I can envision those sparkly brown eyes alive with excitement and love – those dimples and that sweet smile.    The depth of that statement coming from a child who loved the Lord with all of his heart is astounding to me.  Did he know what he was saying?  I’m inclined to believe he did.  I miss him so much, but we meet here…. My Poppa is good.  I have said before that I can feel him cheering and I know that he would especially love our latest endeavor.  I am beyond honored that God has entrusted it to us ❤

So here I sit with enormous expectation for the three people that I traveled with who have never had the enormous pleasure of this particular kind of beauty – and because that was the scariest flight I have ever been on, I KNOW that this next 7 days God is up to something.  I so love it when He’s up to something!! (always…)

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