What do You SEE?

I guess I’ll be up front and say that this post is a set up to challenge your assumptions.  There, I said it.  I want to challenge your thinking, your perception … help you understand that just because you think you know something does not mean that you actually do.  No offense, this just happens to be the heavy that has been on my heart recently.  So I’m going to tell a story today – it is short, but hopefully it will make you think about the way you look at people and situations.

I was out running errands not to long ago – it was nice out, my Jesus Jams were loud … my windows were down 😂.  I was having an awesome morning – By looking at me driving in my car one just would NOT think that I could pull into a handicapped parking space.  ♿️ So I have to tell you that the looks of judgement that get shot in my direction when I do  – well, I’m just gonna tell you the truth – they make me giggle.  🤣 (I can’t help it, that is just who I am) … until I swing my legs out & they see that I am part bionic!!   Immediately those looks change from judgement to shame – and I have to tell you I don’t want that either …. I tell you this story to say that when they see me – they only see the top of my body.  They have no idea that technically; I am disabled.  I have 1 & 1/2 legs instead of 2. 

So, When I pull into that space one of two things is going on:  either I am in some pain that I refuse to take meds for OR (let’s keep it all the way real) there is no parking & I’m allowed to be there.  The point?  I wonder how many situations, people do you only see half of?  I’m betting it’s way more than you think … This beautiful Saturday afternoon I challenge you to ask the Holy Spirit to show you something in someone you just happen to have a strong opinion about.  Ask Him to show you something new that you have never seen before.

Thank you Lord that everything that is stripped away can be used for our good.  Thank You that when one imperfect human being (who I know You love) see’s me through the broken, smudged glass of their own house – YOU don’t.  You love me so much that You died for my freedom.  Thank you for using the smallest things not to hurt me, but to help me SEE clearer.  Thank you for cleaning the smudges from my glass & mending the broken parts.  Thank You for making beauty from ashes.  In Jesus name we pray – Amen“.

3 thoughts on “What do You SEE?

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! You are such an inspiration Mrs. Amanda. Thank you for always being the voice I needed to hear at the right time. I love you ❤️

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  2. “Do not judge …” your story is a perfect example. I know some who have handicap stickers because their health issues are not visible but serious and difficult. Wouldn’t it be better to just pray for the person who has pulled into the handicap parking space? “May the blessing of the Lord be upon you”.

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