Shake it off!

Lean on Me as You face the circumstances of this WEEK, because I will never leave You or forsake You. ” ūüíú¬†And thank God this is the start of a NEW one! ¬†Last week was¬†a rough one … It started out pretty minor on¬†Sunday having to cancel my lost debit card, (so NOT a big deal …) until Monday when I lost the only mailbox key (still minimal irritation because well lets face it – that can’t touch the kind of tough days that I have had). Sprinkle in some other progressively more difficult situations that broke my heart a little & I started to see a pattern: ¬†In proper Mandy form I thought to myself: ¬†“hmm, that’s all you got??” because I’m gonna be all the way real and tell you that I’ve been convinced for a long time that its often spiritual in nature: NOT engaging. ¬†Nope,¬†NOT today Satan.

So Wednesday rolls around and after a slammed day full of appointments and such I manage to gather up most of¬†the fam¬†to head to church. ¬†We are running a lil’ late, but not to awful bad so I decided to jump on the freeway to hopefully avoid getting stuck at all the¬†lights¬†and get there a little faster. ¬†Almost there .. coming around the sharp curve from 270S to 70E I can suddenly hear someone’s tires screeching – closer, closer, closer – this is WAY too familiar, panic rising in my chest because I remember this; just last time it came from in front of me instead – and you guessed it;¬†the world¬†moves in sloooooooooow motion and BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!! ¬†The kid behind me was discovering how fast his Mustang could take that curb &¬†lost control and clips my passenger side rear. ¬† YUP, me and my already traumatized family lose control also¬†and slam into the concrete barrier .. (again). ¬†I won’t even go into the things that happened in my head in those seconds. ¬†TRIGGER much? ¬†Not to mention the stuff I KNOW is happening in my baby girl’s head. ¬†Are you kidding me right now? ¬†

My first initial thought when I started writing was maybe I should write a book about all of the times in the last 5 years that¬†¬†have been just absurdly, hard and the obscene amount of times that I have actually thought “this is my life and it is THE VERY DEFINITION of stupid!” ¬†Utterly ridiculous & painful in every single way. ¬†All of the times that I have wanted to succumb to a dark hole,¬†to complain, scream, cry, put my hands on someone even …… for thinking they are having an “awful day because they spilled coffee on their shirt & had a low tire while¬†running late for work. ” ¬† But,¬†as I¬†always say comparison IS the thief of Joy! That, my friends is some real deal truth!¬†ūüėā

But JESUS. Every time I feel like I just might not survive it – the Holy Spirit¬† rises up in me like fire & starts to burn away the frustrated, angry, flesh that is Me without Him & I remember: ¬†JESUS. The Way to Peace, the ONLY way. ‚ėģÔłŹ¬† I remember the Word¬†that is burned into my heart and mind – the promises that He has given me (& YOU!) ¬†Somehow my car came to a stop instead of careening over the edge into oncoming traffic – although the kid who hit us was actually facing the OPPOSITE direction on the freeway, on a sharp curve we were ALL ok! ¬†Instead of being trapped inside the car this time while my babies screamed for me terrified I was actually able to get out of the car and comfort and hold them. ¬†Somehow, someway – miracles unseen by the physical eye¬†He raises what I thought had to be all the way bad (ash). ¬†He works it for my good and there I stand, (its just necessary to put some emphasis on that word)¬†wondering what in the world happened that such an awful situation turned somehow beautiful?

Props to Pastor Steven Furtick & Pastor Tim Oldfield for always going where the Spirit leads – I started my week on Monday with Elevation’s latest sermon It had to happen”¬†(having NO idea how insanely bad I would need every word) & ended it with a powerful Word from my home church at Potter’s House COG – Columbus. ¬†(I will add the link when it’s available). ¬†My car is totaled, we have some minor aches and pains but guess what?!?! ¬†I’m just gonna¬†Shake, Shake, Shake. ¬†

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