Finishing Strong…

The picture above popped up in my Facebook news feed & it took my breath away! The emotion that came just seeing the picture.  Is it crazy to anyone else how fast certain memories can blast through your mind and nearly knock the wind out of you?  In my head in less than 5 minutes I went from the emotion that the Victory of FINISHING a 5K brought; to the very day that brought me to sign up for it………..  and at least 1000 things in between.  I sincerely did not realize until 15 minutes ago just how symbolic that race was.

I have always enjoyed working out but not so much running. When I was younger I would faithfully work out at least 5 days a week but I just never had any desire what so ever to sign up for a 5k. I didn’t want to do it until I was laying in a hospital bed with a completely mangled leg wondering if I would ever walk again. Then one day (I must have been dreaming); I sat straight up in my hospital bed and yelled “I’m going to run a 5k!!” External Fixator (aka “Bob”; it was so big I named it) & all. My people are awesome & they believed me. 😂

3 years, 17 or 18 surgeries, countless Physical Therapy appointments & 1 amputation later – I completed ✅ a 5k! Now I say completed because I didn’t RUN it, I did however work my way to it with exercise & PT – (not intentionally, I didn’t know I was even going to actually do it) during parts of it I almost thought I wouldn’t survive (let’s face it .. my body has been through a lot). It wasn’t the most serious marathon – but it was mine & I finished … and I finished strong.

It’s interesting how we gauge our performance & success on what other people are doing & how they are doing it – Our marriage, our kids, our parenting, our career, our financials – our ministry & even our very walk with God.  I say these words in my house at least once a day:  STOP. Comparison is the thief of JOY!  I say them to you (& myself) right now.  We are individuals for a reason; all called to different areas and things for one purpose; what we have to do to arrive at what we were created for can be very different for each one of us.   Of course we are given a guideline to follow – but the reality is some of us take longer to understand that guideline and have to learn each lesson the most difficult way possible, others of us just get it (so to speak).

I just want JESUS. More than I want anything else … I want do everything that I do as unto Him; I want run this race out & finish well – I want to hear “Well done good & faithful servant”.  Ultimately, let that be your goal in this life.

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