Comfort Creatures ….

As I was studying this morning I read through my devotions & I came across Psalm 30:2.  I felt such a strong leading to create the verse image featured above – to remember the Psalm.  In You Version (my Bible App) you can choose an image to attach a Scripture to & there are a ton of them.  I love it and I use the verse images often to bookmark scriptures to help me with memorizing – or just because the verse speaks to me in some way in that moment.  In all of my humanness I want the image to match the verse that I’m saving.  Today, the scripture just didn’t need anything at all in my head – it was more than enough.  “Lord my God, I called to You for help and You healed me”  (Psalm 30:2, NIV).  So I’m sitting there adjusting the image (you can change the font, size etc.) and I got SO irritated that I could not get the words of the Scripture to fit inside the box. I probably worked on it for 15 minutes and it just would not work.  How irritating, right?!?!  Grrrr, I want it symmetrical, centered and INSIDE the box!!  You get it, right?  I just wanted it to LOOK a certain way!

Oh my.  All of a sudden I hear laughter in my Spirit.  And I couldn’t help but laugh …. a LOT …. and I could just feel Him laughing with me.    I love moments of laughter with Him.. Man do we ever think that we want a life that fits inside the box!  A precise order of what it will look like.  Symmetrical, centered and inside the box.  We are comfort creatures … we want consistency, We want things to be the same so that we can remain comfy.  We want to know what comes next and what time that next will happen.  When it doesn’t happen in our comfy, little, symmetrical, centered box; we get all growley and irritated.

In our moments of trying to figure it all out we have these moments where we think we really want a God who stays inside our human lines ~ A God that we can understand inside the walls of our extremely limited minds?  Crazy thing; my life has not ever fit inside that comfy box, so where in the world would that leave me????  I’m sure that there is a place in your life (at least one) where you can relate to what I’m saying.

Today; In the featured image above and in my life I’m embracing laughing with Jesus and living outside of that box, outside of those lines that we think we control.  Join me?  “Lord my God, I called to You for help and You healed me”  (Psalm 30:2, NIV)


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