Part of Obedience

I’m back!  I have not written for quite awhile, it’s not that I haven’t wanted to – It’s more that I’ve been stuck (and a lil’ crazy).  I feel like when He speaks to me – it’s clear, even if I’m not getting everything that He’s telling me all at once, I know that it’s Him.  So when I’m talking to someone face to face (or even on the phone) I can very much be Me and be very open and real.  I am a HUGE believer in transparency with people, but more:  Transparency with GOD.  He knows it anyway – why would I bother pretending?  I’ve been very frustrated because I don’t feel like that always comes through in my writing.  Sometimes I look at what I’ve written and I think – that makes it sound simple or easy.  I am here to tell you that almost NO part of my journey has been either of those words.  Nor do I believe that it’s simple or easy for you.  So I have allowed my frustration to stop me.  That has to change.  I need to be walking out the title of this blog, so here I am. 🤗

Obedience is the word that the Lord keeps whispering in my Spirit these last several days.  Obedience is the answer to the why questions that have been asked about several situations in the last several days.  Obedience was one of the key words in the sermon I listened to this morning as I lay in bed with pneumonia missing church.  Then when I got in my bible, working through the book of Exodus there was the whisper again.  Why did the Israelite’s wander for so long?  Hmmmm….  Ok Lord, where would You like to take me with this?

💜 Before I start there is something crazy-important that You are going to need to ask the Lord to root deep in your Spirit ~ it is this:  He LOVES You.  Beyond anything you can ever imagine, He LOVES You.  He will not EVER love You more than He does in this very moment.  He is the Creator of the Universe and He does not change (He is NOT a man).  My prayer is that You understand that going into a discussion on obedience.

So, I’m laying here looking at a stack of phones … a stack of phones that were taken from my kids because they crossed boundaries that my husband & I set for them.   When they lose their phones, almost every single time (even though they know the boundary that has been set for them) they almost always blame me.  Isn’t that interesting?  Even though they know exactly what they need to do to stay out of trouble; when they don’t do it they  then somehow decide to believe that “I am mean” & it is MY fault when the consequence of their action (or NON-action) happens. 🤷🏼‍♀️

What is also interesting to me is that somehow they do not understand that the phone that they are losing privileges to is something that we do not have to pay for every month and more:  we not only provide the service, we have provided/bought the actual item.  Is it really theirs?  🤔 I happen to know that it is a privilege and not a right.

Now, sometimes – in the busyness of life, expectations weren’t made clear or one of the kids was somehow not aware of a rule.   Of course they are not held to that consequence when that happens; so then we teach the rule/boundary and move forward from there.  But, from the point that they have been told (at that point they know) they are then responsible for the follow through.

  • God calls us His children for a reason.

Are you confused or frustrated about the places in life where you feel as though the promises of God don’t seem to be true for you?  Do you feel as though you keep going around the same mountain?  Wandering in the desert?  Have you asked Him to show you?  Or is there a chance that there is willful disobedience in your life?  No condemnation here, I have been there.  Seek answers, He will give them to you. He didn’t give you guidelines Beloved to hold you back ~ He gave them to you so that you could bear much fruit.

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