Wounded Vision…

Have you ever had a chance encounter with someone you thought you knew something about (and didn’t particularly like) & when you got to know them for yourself you found that you really didn’t know anything at all?! Maybe you assumed you knew their motives were wrong looking at a situation from the outside, or maybe you heard something about them and you assumed it was truth but then when you learned more about them you found out that what you had heard was completely UNtrue & totally taken out of context…..

For me (the me who loves people & works with people … Even more, the me who knows that we were ALL created in the image of God & wants to see others through God’s eyes) the above is a terrible tragedy. And even though I personally still struggle with it, It has turned into my absolute biggest pet peeve. I want to see others through the lens of The One who created us. I want to trust HIM so much that trusting imperfect people isn’t a thing that rules my world.

So here is what I know without a doubt to be true: EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. HAS. SOME. ISSUES.  No matter how different  those issues are than other peoples (more or less severe), they are still issues none the less.  None of us (not one) get to walk this thing called life out without a lil’ bit of hurt and hard stuff.  That hard stuff has a way of changing the way we see (view life, situations and even more PEOPLE)…..wouldn’t you agree?

Unfortunately, because of those wounded places INSIDE OF US 🤕 there are areas where our seeing has been blurred (because of our own hurt). Our wrong vision can cause others tremendous harm if we aren’t careful. Bitterness & anger can root in & when roots spread they tend to touch every part of our lives (including the people in our lives). Here’s a simple fact to process: Wrong Seeing is WRONG SEEING. (period.)

#Thoughtsfortoday 🤔 #Putyourglasseson

More tomorrow. (Or possibly Thursday)

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